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The Nardi family

The first hotelier in the family was grandfather Cavaliere Luigi Nardi, of Venetian extraction. During his working lifetime, he managed the Grand Hotel Minerva in Rome, the Continentale at Salsomaggiore, the Grand Hotel Savoy in Sanremo, and the Grand Hotel Milano at Brunate (Como).

His son, Commendatore Bartolomeo Nardi, Luigi and Arcangelo's father in 1982 won the European "Tourism Leader" Award in Rome, as an acknowledgement for his activity and effective contribution to tourism and the food service sector.

The third generation is distinguished by Luigi (born in 1947) and Arcangelo, nicknamed Tany (born in 1952). After obtaining the scientific high-school diploma, they both attended the world-famous "Ecole Hotelière" in Lausanne, Switzerland, and were awarded its prestigious diploma. 

In 1974 - when he was only 27 years old – Luigi became the manager of Hotel Castello at Forte Village in Sardinia, a property of the then "Trust Houses Forte Hotels" - an English company of about 800 hotels all over the world belonging to Lord Charles Forte.

After holding a number of demanding executive positions during the following two years, he refused an offer to move to New York as Vice General Manager at The Pierre (at that time owned by THF, now part of the Four Seasons group) in order to rejoin his father in the running of their family hotel. At the beginning of the '90s he became Vice President of the Lombard Association of Hoteliers, alongside Giovanni Colombo, who he briefly succeeded as President. Today, together with his brother Arcangelo, he is managing director of De la Ville srl, the management company for the Monza hotel.

Arcangelo has followed in his brother's footsteps. After graduating in hotel management at the "Ecole Hotelière", he joined Forte Village in 1975. During the following 19 years he held a number of executive positions in the Food & Beverage, Accommodation, and Marketing & Sales sectors. In 1993, having been summoned to London by Sir Rocco Forte, he refused - finding it a very difficult decision to make - the position of resort General Manager, in order to rejoin his family in Monza and run, along with his father and brother, their own hotel.

In 1995, given the huge investments being carried out or planned in terms of structure and services, the Nardis signed an affiliation contract with "The Charming Hotels - Independent Luxury Hotels" chain and opened, in February 2000, "La Villa", a luxury dependance adjacent to the hotel. This has launched their company on to the circuit of élite international tourism.
In 2000 Hotel de la Ville won the much coveted national award "Hotel of the Year" in the Business Hotel category, competing with a selection of 650 4 and 5 star establishments. In February 2002, on the occasion of the International Tourism Exchange, the Nardi family were presented - in the glorious setting of the Milan Four Seasons - with the "Excellent Award" which proclaimed them among the best managers and entrepreneurs in the Italian tourist and hotel industry. 

Their most recent recognition of excellence was awarded them in Rome at the end of April 2002. On the occasion of the 10th International Convention of The Charming Hotels of the World, Hotel de la Ville won the "Charming Excellence Award" as the company's best hotel in Italy.

A typifying characteristic of this family of hoteliers is their sincere, heartfelt passion for the profession. This accounts for their distinguished management style, less linked to profit-making than the aim of achieving true job and customer satisfaction.